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Eddie and Cole Nye, trusted realtors in Bladen County, NC

Welcome To
Nationwide Realty, LLC

Whether you have enjoyed the benefits of living in Bladen County for a lifetime or moving here for the first time, we want to be your real estate company. At Nationwide Realty, our vast knowledge of Bladen County and surrounding areas allows us to assist you with purchasing or selling property. We believe our compassion and integrity give us the foundation to provide our clients with the best outcome in all their real estate endeavors. We are passionate about building a relationship with our clients so that we may understand your desires and expectations. As Bladen County natives, we have built relationships with the financial community allowing us to assist you with your purchase. We look forward to helping you achieve your goal of finding the home of your dreams or selling your property.

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How to Plan an Outdoor Movie Night

See the stars in your own backyard ... on your DIY big screen, that is....

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This Checklist Is the Key to Taking Care of Your Home (Without the Stress)

Keep your home clean and organized all year by tackling bite-sized tasks....

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How to Actually Afford to Buy a Home in America

Home buying hurdles exist — but research, creativity and flexibility will help you clear them....

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This Isn’t Your Average Woodland Cottage

Constructing these homes is like kneading dough....

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What Kind of Bugs Are in Your House?

This guide to common household creepers will help you send pests packing — for good....

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Quiz: What Style Is Your Dream Bedroom?

The best way to create a cozy bedroom you’ll love snuggling up to? Find a look that reflects your personality. ...

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This School Bus Is a Tiny Home … to a Family of 6!

With bunk beds for the kids, a master bedroom for the adults and a rooftop deck for all, one family is redefining the term "on the go."...

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Say What? Home-Buying Lingo You Should Know

Need a crash course on real estate terms? This glossary will get you started....

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3 Simple DIY Driveway Ideas

Nowhere to park? Create your own driveway with one of these affordable methods....

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A DIY Guide to Concrete Pavers for Driveways

Get everything you need to know before kicking off your driveway remodel project....

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Investment Property: How Much Can You Write Off on Your Taxes?

Learn how to navigate the tricky tax laws around investment properties, including ways to save....

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How to Modernize a Split-Level Home

Breathe new life into a dated split-level with these tips — you have more options than you might think!...

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Sealing and Insulating Your Ductwork

Who doesn’t want to save money on utility bills? A good place to start is by insulating your ducts....

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How to Bleach Hardwood Floors

Whether you need to remove a stain or refresh the space, bleaching hardwood can get you results. ...

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Is a Dual Agency Relationship Risky?

Can one agent represent both parties? The answer: It depends. ...

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5 Things to Do Before and After Closing

Your journey doesn't end on closing day. Here are some next steps to consider before you actually move in....

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DIY Backyard Fire Pit: Build It in Just 7 Easy Steps

The perfect backdrop for outdoor fun is closer than you think, thanks to our step-by-step instructions....

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9 Tips for Preparing a Fabulous Flower Bed

Dust off your vases, pitchers and mugs — your home will be overflowing with fresh-cut blooms in no time. ...

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Good Clean Fun: How to Build an Outdoor Shower

Expand your shower options to the great outdoors — it's easier to do than you might think!...

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3 Must-Do’s Before Listing Your House for Sale

When it comes to first impressions, the little things make all the difference....

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Furnace, Boiler or Heat Pump? Time for Heating Systems 101

If your current heating system yields cold hands and frozen toes — it might be time to upgrade....

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3 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Cabin (and How to Find One!)

Ready to cozy up to your own slice of cabin bliss? Here's where to start....

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The Truth About Toxic Mold (and How to Get Rid of It)

Don't let the mold panic set in just yet — it might not be as bad as you think....

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10 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Slugs and Snails

If your garden is more super slime highway than bountiful harvest, this guide is for you....

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How to Fix Ceiling Water Stains

Don't let those water stains hang over your head — a DIY fix is just a weekend away!...

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How to Perform a Landlord Background Check

Wait! Don't sign that lease just yet — a quick landlord check may change your mind....

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5 Expenses Homeowners Pay That Renters Don’t

Thinking about buying? Be sure to include these five items in your calculations....

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How to Replace a Ceiling Fan

Old ceiling fan dating your room's look? Upgrade to a newer model — it only takes an hour or two!...

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6 Smart Ways to Build Home Equity

Want to create wealth through homeownership? Build equity. ...

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10 Ways to Make Sure You Get Your Security Deposit Back

Nothing eases the pains of moving like a fully refunded security deposit. Make sure you get your cash back with these expert tips....

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Want to Rent Your Vacation Home? Beware These Lender Rules

When it comes to financing your vacation home, not all loans are created equal — so choose wisely....

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How to Buy a Vacation Home in 5 Steps

Turn your getaway daydreams into reality — this guide will walk you through it, step by step....

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The Huge Risk Home Buyers Take When They Waive Inspections

When you're trying to make your offer as attractive as possible, skipping the inspection may seem like a good idea. Here's why it's not....

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Picking a Moving Company: How Do Your Choices Stack Up?

A little research goes a long way toward ensuring your belongings are in good hands....

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How to Set a Home Renovation Budget

Before you start picking out tile and paint chips, be sure you know how much it will cost to remodel your house. ...

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How to Measure Your Home’s Square Footage

One of the most confusing and misleading metrics in real estate is area — the "size" of a house....

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4 Things to Do Before Gutting a Home

Put down the sledgehammer unless you've already got these covered....

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What is Tax Assessed Value, Tax Appraised Value, and Market Assessed Value?

What is the value of your home? It depends on what you mean by "value."...

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Real Estate Agent Commissions: How Much Should You Pay?

Can sellers negotiate how much commission they pay real estate agents? Surprise: They can!...

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4 Surprising Things That May Increase How Much Your Home Is Worth

Does your home offer any of the perks some buyers will pay more for?...

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6 Ways to Score a Lease in a Competitive Rental Market

Follow these six tips to give yourself an edge over other renters and achieve your goal....

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What Does a Builder’s Warranty Cover?

Builders' warranties vary greatly, so it's important that homeowners take the time to learn what’s covered....

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5 Ways a Buyer’s Agent Can Make Shopping New Construction Easier

Five good reasons to have a pro on your side throughout the process....

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Landscaping a New Construction Home

You may think of it as a blank canvas, but your new yard requires some deep thought before you dig in....

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How Do Co-Borrowers’ Credit Scores Affect a Home Purchase?

Your partner’s credit history can influence your future interest rate....

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Who Owns the Home When Two Names are on the Mortgage?

We shed some light on buying a home as a couple so you’re not in the dark when it’s time to sign on the dotted lines....

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Buying a House on Disability Benefits or SSI

Know how to navigate the system so you can find the home you’re looking for....

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Putting Down Roots 40 Feet Up: Life in a Fire Lookout

"You don't hear sirens, you don't hear traffic. You hear us. There's nothing like that."...

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Residential Home Types: 17 Clarifying Home Definitions

What is a mansion compared to a McMansion, or a manufactured home versus a prefab home? These home definitions clear up any confusion....

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How Many Credit Checks Before Closing on a Home?

Throughout the approval process, push yourself to maintain your credit while lenders pull it....

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Eddie Nye is a man first and foremost that puts Christ first in his life. That faith is something that you as his client will no doubt see in his efforts to sell your home or find the right home for you and your family. As his client, you will be his top priority as both a person and a client. A few short months ago as his client my wife and I experienced all of the above-mentioned qualities of Eddie Nye the man and our real estate agent. He doesn’t put up a sign and wait for things to happen, he makes things happen and will go the extra mile to do what it takes to get the job done for you!

David and Teresa V. read more »

Integrity, honesty and hard working would be the term used for my realtor.  He worked hard at making the process as painless as possible with a very professional attitude.  I would highly recommend this realtor for your selling or buying needs.

Gene and Jennifer B. read more »

Eddie Nye was very professional and helpful in the selling of our home. He is knowledgeable about the selling process and was always a phone call away. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor. Thank you Eddie for all your hard work.

Mike and Anne S. read more »

Cole Nye is a kind and knowledgeable real estate agent. He always picked up the phone when I needed him and it was a pleasure working with him.

Annette J. read more »

I bought a house at White Lake and used Cole Nye as my Realtor. He really is a great guy, looked out for my best interests and always answered the phone when I had questions. He put me first and the sale second, I am grateful for his honestly and integrity.

Donna G. read more »